Step-by-Step Infinity Scar pattern Sewing Tutorial

Infinity scarf comes with several names such as eternity scarf, tube scarf, or circle scarf. This is a must-have item in your wardrobe since the scarf can be used in every occasion. If you want to have one, this is infinity scarpattern sewing tutorial you can try.

#1. Fold the Fabric

The first thing you should do is fold the fabric by half lengthwise. Make sure that you fold the right sides together. After that, sew the long edges of the fabric together. Sew it the whole length.

#2. Press the Seam

Next, you need to press the seams open. In this way, you will have a fabric with a long tube.

#3. Join the Tubes

Then, you have to join the edges of the tube together so they form a loop. Make sure that you keep both the edges opening and pin them, You can start to stitch along the edge. It will be better if you stitch it for more than 3 inches so you will have plenty of spaces available for more stitches.

#4. Close the Opening

For the last step, you can close the opening. You can do it by using tiny hand stitches or slip stitches. Your infinity scarf is ready to wear.

Fatima Alaina

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