Simple and Easy DIY Patterns Sewing for Beginners

Whether you just coming back to sewing after several years away from the machine or you have never sewn before, then this is also a great idea to start your sewing journey with the simple patterns so that you can perfect the basics. There are many simple DIY patterns sewing projects for you. So, you should start in one place, let’s turn on your sewing machine and try one of these beginner sewing patterns.

Simple Sewing Top – Cropped Kimono

Only with two pieces to be sewn and stitch together, then this garment is so simple to be made. It can be made from a variety of fabrics – making yours with the cotton print to get the fresher sensation.

You can sew over it

Learning how to sew with the silk fabric like a pro with the simple and chic top. You can learn how to sew a garment with a neat result by using the French seams.

The tilly and the buttons for top

The Cleo pattern does need the zips to worry about and only takes a minimal fitting required. You can make it in dungaree style with the button fastenings. It can be varied for the length and add additional pockets. Choose your DIY patterns sewing.

Fatima Alaina

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