Sewing and Crocheting Pattern – 4 Chic DIY Crochet Blankets

Say goodbye to counting sheep just before you sleep! You will find it easier to sleep by using a comfy and warm crochet blanket. There are plenty of sewing and crocheting patterns to help you make your own blanket. Find your inspirations in this following article.

#1. Comfy Mermaid Tail Crochet Pattern Blanket

If your daughter is a big fan of Princess Ariel, it is time to amaze her with this comfy mermaid tail crochet blanket. The warm blanket will help your little one to sleep easier at night.

#2. Hogwarts House Crochet Blanket

Who doesn’t know Harry Potter? If you are one of the big fans of the witch, you will love this crochet blanket. Just choose your house and bring yourself into the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

#3. Chic Daisy Themed Crochet Blanket

You can make spring season comes all year long in your bedroom with this comfy daisy themed crochet blanket. You can play with colors in creating this blanket. Just use your imagination and be as creative as possible!

#4. Crochet Blanket with Hexagonal Pattern

If you think that the regular stripes crochet blankets are too ordinary, you can try to make this hexagon crochet blanket. The design will also help you to upgrade your bedroom design.

Fatima Alaina

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