Master Hand-Sewing Technique with These Projects

Hand sewing becomes one of the skills which anyone can get benefit from learning. Just using the needle and thread, then you can fix your clothes and do some simple repairs. Besides that, you can use the hand-sewing for some sewing projects such as decorative items. If you do not have a sewing machine or place to plug it, then you can still to sew up something and make your hand busy. You can try some hand sewing projects below.

Making a fleece hat

You are able to make an easy fleece hat with the hand sewing technique or sewing machine as well. When you visiting the fabric store, then there are so many fleece patterns that make you want to make this hat.

A fleece blankets

You are able to make the fleece blanket which is so easy to make. You can use the snug fabric which doesn’t fry when you cut it. You can use the simple stitch around the edge and give accents. Then you can decorate the blanket if you want to apply embroidery.

Making the doll nightgown

You can dress up your doll with the hand sewing nightgown. It can be your fun project to do with your lovely children. Other hand sewing projects can be your references.

Fatima Alaina

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