Important Points to Create Sewing Shirt Patterns

Sewing shirt patterns how are they? Making patterns is a very important point in sewing or tailoring. Although for the professionals they are just able to make a shirt or a dress without a pattern, patterns creation is recommended if you are still beginners. There are some important points to remember before drawing the pattern to make a shirt. Here they are.

The Basic Pattern of a Shirt

Every shirt must have its own pattern. Generally, they are divided into 2 types; men and women’s shirt. Then, they are generated into many other types based on the design of the shirt itself. Make sure that you know the type of shirt you want to make.

The Size of the Shirt

Sure, the size of the final short must be known in the beginning to create the pattern. Commonly, the pattern’s size must be bigger than the final shirt. For the size to add, it depends on your own comfort indeed. For the beginners, it is much better to add around 2 cm to ease you in sewing more.

Paper for Pattern

It is possible to create the pattern directly on the material. But since you may make some errors, you are recommended to make it on the paper first for the best sewing shirt patterns.

Fatima Alaina

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