How to Make a Bralette Sewing Pattern Plus Size

How is to make a bralette sewing pattern plus size? if you have a plus size body, finding a dress that fits your body’s size seems to be quite difficult. So, why don’t you try to make it yourself? There are some challenges to face indeed. One of them is that the bralette that is quite difficult to make. So, particularly for a bralette, how to create the pattern is as follow.

First of all, there are some body parts that must be measured. They are around the chest area for sure. To measure the shoulders and chest size, it is not too difficult. However, mistakes often happen while measuring the breasts area. You must start it from the shoulder to the nipple. Then, from the nipple, it is followed by measuring it up to the upper part of the stomach.

After taking notes of the measurement, you can start to make the pattern on the paper. Then, apply it directly to the material before cutting and sewing it. It is better to add another 5 inches to make sure that the bralette feels comfortable to wear. If there is a possibility that you will gain weight in the future, you can add more inches for sure.

Fatima Alaina

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