How to Make a Bralette Sewing Pattern DIY

How to make a bralette sewing pattern DIY? Creating a dress is considered easy for some tailors. But sure, there are some parts of the dress in which the making process is quite challenging. One of them is the bralette area. You may know, the bralette is quite difficult since it passes through your breasts and when it is not right, the final results may not be comfortable.

There are some steps you can do to create the best and comfortable bralette. Start it all by measuring your breast and shoulder area. From the shoulder, you must measure it up to the nipple. Then, from the nipple, it is measured again up to the upper stomach area. After getting all the measurements, add 5 inches each of them. It is possible to add more inches if you find it more comfortable with the loose bralette.

Ideally, you need to plot the pattern first. However, you can directly make the pattern by drawing it on the paper using the pencil and ruler. After drawing it all based on the measurement, cut it off, and the bralette pattern is ready to use. You can add some details to make the bralette and the entire gown look more beautiful.

Fatima Alaina

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