Here Some Great Softwares for Pattern

Designing your pattern might sound intimidating, but this is an incredible skill and can bring you to the actually new level of possibilities. The method of pencil and paper was great, however, with its introduction of variety designing software can make it is easier and more efficient as well. if your dream is paperless patterns, then you should take a look at what kind of package fits with your need. Check some pattern design sewing software below.

Fashion Card

It described as the integrated suite to make an accurate pattern for perfect fitting garments, including grading, pattern design, marker layout, detailing and CAD drafting as well. You should know this is an affordable and simple pattern will make the software system perfect for commercial business or home-based as well.

Gemini Pattern Editor

This is very comprehensive software – including of accurate pattern, work so fast, using basic design tools and more advanced procedure as well. you can use the advanced model to makeup and design with simulation for folds or darts.


this is also an advanced tool to make and modify the design. This unique system combines the set of easy tools along with functions. You are able to make your own style and block in pattern design sewing.

Fatima Alaina

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