Free Simple Sewing Patterns for Pro or Beginners

You are able to find simple and Top Pattern Sewing Simple in your sewing room, bags, trays baskets, totes, and clothing. Even there are so many best free clothing patterns. Then you can get some references below.

Mini Tote

You can carry out your handmade projects and show off your skills. This friendly bag and pouch can be your great choice and use as gifting to others as well. the perfect tote will hold your small items around you such as your books, lunch, and toys. You only need to stretch your skill by sewing some embroidery or you are also to choose the favorite fabric to become a star. Even the mini tote will be a perfect gift bag to wrap out your small item.

The double zip pouch

You should know that zippers were not that scary. The sewing zipper is actually so fun and you can learn how to insert one with this kind of project. You can use this perfect make-up bag, pencil pouch and so on.

The Hedgerow Bag

Your laptop and books were finally a gorgeous item. This bag will bring you different styles. You can learn on how to insert the magnetic strap and sewing the waxed canvas or just replacing your favorite twill.

Fatima Alaina

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