Elsewing Pattern and the General Types of Sewing Pattern

What is elsewing pattern? In tailoring or activities of making clothes, it is important to make the pattern first. It is so that the results are much neater and they are in line with the expectations mainly about the sizes. There are some types of patterns that must be acknowledged including basic, standard, and construction patterns.

Basic Patterns

The basic patterns refer to patterns for blouse, shirt, dress, skirt, trousers, and others that have not yet been added by details. When you want to make this type of patterns, the only reference to use is the size of the users. It is also possible to use the standard sizes of S, M, L, and XL. It is better to create basic patterns that can be used for a long time, for many types of clothes.

Standard Patterns

Standard patterns are patterns that are made based on S, M, L, and XL measurement. Besides, they can also be made by creating the size chart first. To ease your works, the international size chart can just be downloaded on some websites.

Construction Patterns

A construction pattern is a kind of pattern that is made based on the user’s size and it is made on the flat media. Although it is slightly similar to the basic patterns, the details have been added.

Fatima Alaina

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