Cute Pumpkin Pillow Sewing Pattern to Decorate Your Room

The free pillow pattern will make a pumpkin that allows you to decorate for Thanksgiving or Halloween. There are some sizes available and you can use the calico or plain fabric, or even the combination. You are able to make the whole pumpkin patch by using different orange prints. Being more familiar with the fine sculpture techniques also help you to make this pumpkin and a great way to ex[roemce on how this soft sculpture transforms into the stuffed item. Pumpkin Sewing Pattern also helps you to decorate your room.

Cutting your pumpkin patterns

You are able to download the small or large pumpkin patterns in full size. The small pumpkin at least should measure around 8” and the small one should measure around 11” long. The size does not need to be precise. You can cut eight pieces of pumpkin and they should be cut on the straight grain in order to avoid the pumpkin twisting.

Pumpkin Body Assembly

You can start by combining two pumpkin sections. Ensure that you should stitch back at the ends. The stitch will come apart when you just fill it without getting back stitch. You can open the joined section and combine the body pumpkin section into one side. Make your best Pumpkin Sewing Pattern.

Fatima Alaina

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