Collar Pattern Sewing – Best Collar Choices for Every Occasion

Collar always becomes a sweet complementary in every cloth design. With a lot of collar styles, you might find it a bit challenging to find the one that fits best your need. Here are some collar pattern sewing tips to help.

#1. Stylish Blazer with Peter Pan Collar

Peter Pan collar is never out of date. It can even be combined with a blazer and makes it more stylish. The combination will help you to get a smarter look.

#2. Cloud Collar Clips

If you find it too complicated to sew a new collar anytime you need to change the style of your outfit, you might need to consider these cloud collar clips. You can easily pin them on your dress or shirt to get a different look of your outfit.

#3. Cute Peter Pan Collar Jersey

This collar pattern will be perfect the most for your little ones. You can pick up fabrics that have cute motifs such as the colorful circus. This pattern will fit for children of 0 to 4 years old.

#4. Chic Collar Susie Blouse

You can sew this chic collar Susie Blouse to help you look simple but versatile on every occasion. The casual short sleeves of the blouse will also perfect for everyday use. In addition, the pattern is very easy to make.

Fatima Alaina

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