Arm Crochet Blanket DIY Projects

The winter has come and anyone wants to make a few warm clothes, blankets or even accessories. You are able to try arm knitting and make some winter things for you and your family. So, why you buy scarves, woolen blankets, shawls and more? you can do it by yourself since they are pretty simple. Here, you will learn some exciting tips and tricks on how to knit with arms. Even, you can try arm crochet blanket DIY.

Arm Knit a Blanket

To knit a blanket using your arms, then you have to use around 18 stitches. So, you should knit around 32 rows. It includes the cast row. It will take around 45 minutes only. You have to close your eyes and weave the ends of that blanket and it would be ready to use. You are able to choose your favorite colors for it, especially pastel tones will look good.

Infinity Scarf

You are able to knit a scarf within 30 minutes by using both your hands. Can you believe it? It is very easy. You are able to cast on 12 stitches in your one arm and keep on the knitting from one arm to your other arm to reach the desired length.

Fatima Alaina

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