5 Best Handmade Christmas Sewing Patterns Gift Ideas

Christmas is on the way! Do you need the inspiration of what gift should be given to family and friends? Well, these following DIY Christmas sewing patterns gift ideas might become a good solution to take.

#1. DIY Napkin Holder

Using a napkin holder is one of the perfect ways to store tissues in style. In addition, the product is easy to make and the size fits into a purse.

#2. Chapstick Holder with Key Ring

This is another perfect Christmas gift with sewing patterns that you can give to family and friends. The chapstick will be perfect to store small items such as lipsticks, coins, pins, lip balms, and more.

#3. Baby Headband

Do you have friends with a baby girl? Well, this baby headband will be a perfect gift idea. All you need to prepare is just a sheet of fabric and sewing tools.

#4. Handmade Glasses Case

You can also try to create a glasses case for Christmas gift to your beloved ones. To make the case, you need to mix and match some scraps. Add a cute and matching button to secure the case’s lid.

#5. DIY Tea Towel

This sweet Christmas gift is easy to make. You can add some nice embroidery to make the tea towel looks more awesome.

Fatima Alaina

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