30+ Fleece Blanket Sewing Patterns Throw

It is getting a bit cold lately and some of you must have been looking for blanket sewing patterns throw. If you do, then you have come to the right place. No need to fuss how are you going to make the throw blanket or which material you should use to make the blanket. You can actually use fleece and other assorted fabrics because they are warm and perfect for snuggling in a cold winter night. It is also very easy to make. Now, keep on reading this article to know some blanket sewing patterns throw.

The first pattern is, of course, the no-sew blanket. This blanket is made with two pieces in harmonizing colors and cutting strips to make fringe for tying knots. The second pattern is the Argyle which is super easy with light stitching. Next, there is the Faux Fur pattern which is also pretty easy to make. You just need to pin two pieces together and then sew them. You also do not need topstitching and the top is made with faux fur. The last blanket sewing pattern throw is the Planket pattern. In this pattern, a pillow is attached and this is perfect for sleepovers and travel.

Fatima Alaina

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