3 Tips for the Faster Sewing Pattern Easy Dress

How is to make a sewing pattern easy dress more quickly? In tailoring, patterns are very important to make the dress or other clothes sewn more neatly. Particularly for the beginners, the patterns are definitely needed. But undeniably, it spends too much time so that some tailors prefer not making it. Actually, there are some tips to make a sewing pattern faster particularly to make a dress.

Using Unused Clothes

In the case you want to create a similar dress with what you have had previously; you can use the old dress as the pattern. The dress should be unused so that you can cut and open it to see the pattern. This is much easier and faster than creating the new one.

Having Default Dress Patterns

In your spare time, you can create some default patterns using the basic dress patterns. Those patterns can be used anytime when you need to create a dress. This way, you don’t need to make the new ones but only adding or lessen things based on the designs.

Patterning Directly on the Clothes

It is quite risky indeed but if you have experienced in tailoring for years, it should not be not too difficult anymore. The pattern is no longer made on the paper or unused cloth but the cloth to make the dress directly.

Fatima Alaina

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